Sunday, August 07, 2011


Last weekend was our last chance to get to the coast and go fishing before
the Rainbows and Sunshine Epic Family RV Road Trip was set to begin.

Super Son left early with Grampa so they could get an early start.

Miss Thing and I came down later that evening.

Grampa + Super Son + Fishing Cabin = 

But thankfully it also means I get to spend my morning looking at things like this

Super Son caught a trout
(Thanks Bob)

Miss Thing hunted for seashells

Her favorites are the broken ones.

I love that about her.

Tropical Storm Don was thought to be headed to the area that we fish.

It turned at the last minute leaving beautiful clouds and small crowds.

It also made the fish hungry

which in turn made everyone else hungry

Yikes trout have sharp teeth!

Miss Thing was happy to watch the action until Bob offered to 
carry her so she didn't have to shuffle to avoid stingrays.

She is never one to object to being carried.

It is in her regal nature.

This is Super Son's Island.

If you are under 12, a hard core fisherperson in our family and have a decent amount of luck
you get an island named after you.

We have Hannah's Island, Lily's Island and now Super Son's Island.

We fished there. 

He was very proud of it.

It is in very shallow water surrounded by oyster shells.

It requires careful footing.

Or a Grampa to help you wade to where you want to be.

It is also where the very nice Bob

helped Miss Thing catch her very first fish.

A redfish that made for a very tasty dinner.

Super Son didn't do to badly either

After cleaning your fish the best part is to feed the pelicans.

The pelicans were very happy

I was kind of grossed out.

and the reason that I don't have my own island, just in case you were wondering,
is that rather than fishing I end up doing this.

Are you surprised?

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