Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apparently we are doing something right

Yesterday on the way home with the Wee Ones I was listening to NPR and chuckling to myself as they plotted world domination via stink bombs.

After the usual world headlines they cut away to a story about gay civil rights pioneer Frank Kameny who died earlier this week.   You can listen to it here if you are interested.

A few minutes in Super Son pipes up.

"Hey Mama" he says "What is Gay?"

He waited patiently for me to listen to the rest of the story, asked me again, and so I told him.

Then he started to talk.

"When I was at camp this summer I heard some kids talking about it."

"I didn't know what it meant so I didn't say anything."

"They said it was a bad thing."

And so I asked him.  "Well honey, what do you think?"

"I don't think it's right to judge other people."

"There's this girl in my class, her Mom loves a woman and they had to have someone help them to have her when they wanted a baby.  She's really nice. And so is her Mom."

We talked about God and his love for us and how he made us all different and special and that he loves us all regardless of who we love.  We all have the right to be happy and live our lives fully.  We talked about teasing and the power of words and we talked about love in all its beautiful shapes.




Love is a gift from God and judging others, especially for who they love, is wrong.

I worry sometimes that I am messing this parenting thing up.

Apparently, Hero Husband and I, we are doing something right.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An attempt at self determination

There is a wiggly tooth in our house.

It has been wiggly for some time.

Our sweet little thumb sucker moves it around a bit,
but unlike her brother who at the first sign of a loose tooth was 
up in his room wiggling it until he got the darn thing out, 
she was happy to wait.

We noticed that the permanent tooth was already erupting 
and still she would chew on the sides, not take big bites of her apple etc. and 
so we made the decision for her.

That tooth is coming out.

When I was little my PaPa tied a string from a loose tooth an 
electric train and let me "pull it" myself.

Worked pretty well for me so we decided to let Miss Thing 
have a try at some self determination.

Hero Husband is a bit of an expert in tying knots and using ropes
and so he got everything ready

slipped the string around the tooth

and let her have at it.

Pulling your own teeth is not for the faint of heart and 
she just couldn't get up the gumption to yank hard enough 
to pull the sucker.

Makes me feel for Tom Hanks extracting his own with an ice skate blade.


But I digress.

One quick tug was all it took and I relieved her of the
burden of the loose tooth that just wouldn't come out.

At which point she freaked out and cried until she realized
that it didn't hurt and the tooth fairy would be visiting her that night.

Then she smiled.

I loved that gummy grin before and I love it now!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Date night adventures

I have this friend.

We'll call her Maura.

She was Miss Thing's preschool teacher a few years ago.

Okay I give up, her name is Laura and she is going 
through the training camp for the Lonestar Rollergirls league.  

For the record, every kid is well served to have a 
Roller Derby girl for a preschool teacher.

Oh and she has great taste in books.

So guess where Hero Husband and I went for our date night last weekend?

Roller Derby is really an interesting sport.

Kind of a mix between olympic speed skating, WWE and hot pants.

Rule #1 about Roller Derby 

Don't talk about Roller Derby.  

Just kidding.
Roller Derby is a growing sport and they would really 
appreciate you talking about them as much as you like.

My friend Laura was kind enough to grab us some prime seats
and fill in the comprehension gaps.  

For example I saw her arm and said something along the lines of
"Criminy, what the heck happened to you?" 

Apparently this is what is referred to as "Respect"

I call it crazy, but you know tomato - tomahto

Roller Derby like many sporting events has its parent support contingent.
They even come with matching shirts.

These folks were here to support the Cherry Bombs.

and so was this guy

I'm not sure how exactly the mascot for the Cherry Bombs 
is a green mohawked beaver, but hey this is my first time. 
I'm sure it'll make sense at some point.

Hopefully this guy will too.

Some things seemed a bit more familiar

last minute repairs

National Anthem

and then something like this happens and I'm confused again.

I was profoundly grateful when they were kind enough to put on one of these.

I could explain the rules, but I'm sure I'll mess it up. 

Feel free to go here if you are really interested in the details.

In short there is one girl from each team that scores points
she's called the Jammer

and then there's a pack of girls trying to either help her score or keep
her from scoring, depending on which team they are skating for.

That process is what generally results in much of this

Apparently Hero Husband likes a good girl fight.

Who knew.

But I'm ahead of myself.

It's time for the first jam (the roller derby version of a down or an at bat).

The Cherry Bombs were playing the Putas del Fuego.

We decided to cheer for the Cherry Bombs for three very valid reasons

1 - I like green

2 - The word puta bugs me

3 - Rocky Casbah is my new girl crush

When a player is charged with a major penalty they visit the penalty box.

Minor penalties are much more entertaining.

For a minor offense the mistress of penalties spins a wheel and the
offended and the offender will have to compete in a challenge...
some possible challenges are  a dance off, arm wrestling, 
a pillow fight or a no holds barred two laps.

When they say no holds barred, let me tell you, they mean it.

and with names like Holly Homicide and Truck Stop Trixie
you better watch yourself.  These girls mean business.

Minor penalties are fun!

And in the event Roller Derby isn't your thing, or sports in general
it's still worth going.  

Seriously, their halftime act is a live band.

If that wasn't enough it's worth going just for the people watching.

I have never seen such a diverse,



friendly yet bloodthirsty collection of people

In one place in all my days.

It's a people watching smorgasbord.

All the way down to the mustard yellow jacket wearing announcers
who will bend over for a spanking one minute and 
happily lip synch to Journey for your watching pleasure the next.

The Cherry Bombs prevailed in this round and advance to the finals.

And the verdict - Roller Derby is Awesome.  

We already have out tickets for the finals next week.

Oh and the guy with the blue cape never really did make sense, 
although at one point he was swiffering the track which only confused me further.

The End