Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An attempt at self determination

There is a wiggly tooth in our house.

It has been wiggly for some time.

Our sweet little thumb sucker moves it around a bit,
but unlike her brother who at the first sign of a loose tooth was 
up in his room wiggling it until he got the darn thing out, 
she was happy to wait.

We noticed that the permanent tooth was already erupting 
and still she would chew on the sides, not take big bites of her apple etc. and 
so we made the decision for her.

That tooth is coming out.

When I was little my PaPa tied a string from a loose tooth an 
electric train and let me "pull it" myself.

Worked pretty well for me so we decided to let Miss Thing 
have a try at some self determination.

Hero Husband is a bit of an expert in tying knots and using ropes
and so he got everything ready

slipped the string around the tooth

and let her have at it.

Pulling your own teeth is not for the faint of heart and 
she just couldn't get up the gumption to yank hard enough 
to pull the sucker.

Makes me feel for Tom Hanks extracting his own with an ice skate blade.


But I digress.

One quick tug was all it took and I relieved her of the
burden of the loose tooth that just wouldn't come out.

At which point she freaked out and cried until she realized
that it didn't hurt and the tooth fairy would be visiting her that night.

Then she smiled.

I loved that gummy grin before and I love it now!

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