Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sacrilege in chocolate form

Miss Thing turned 6

and her teacher opted for hugs from friends rather than birthday spankings.

She seemed pleased with that.

I made cupcakes for her class.

From scratch.

No, no one was hurt.

Except maybe my eyes.

Ack Green Frosting!

Which didn't seem to bother the kids who inhaled them
and were very excited that the flowers were edible too.

I think it might qualify as sacrilegious for someone 
who doesn't like chocolate cake
to make cupcakes that taste this good.

I was kind and benevolent and held some back from 
the ravening horde of kindergarteners 
for Hero Husband and Super Son gush about.

They were grateful.

And then I did it again and made a full cake version for
Miss Thing's birthday party.

With a chocolate chantilly icing.

And fresh berry filing.

Sacrilege I tell you


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