Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flea Market

Hero Husband heard from a friend who
knows a lady who had a neighbor who
bought some really great fruit trees
at the Flea Market just outside of town.

After the deer ate all of my peaches off the tree this year
I was happy to take a field trip and get some trees to plant in the
back where the deer can't get them.

The Wee Ones have never been to the Flea Market
and I haven't been in more years than I am willing to admit
cause it will date me and we can't have that.

Hero Husband laughed at me as I grabbed my camera.

We are here for trees you know.

Yes I know, but you don't know what other interesting things I'm going to find.

Just watch me.

Miss Thing promptly found the shiniest thing in the place.

I was less impressed by the shiny and more impressed
with anyone who could walk in these things.

Not to mention be taken seriously.

Although I must say the purple plaid might have been
even more impressive than the sequins.

I thanked her for her help and told her that
my next find would be more awesome than hers.

Green velour couches apparently don't count as awesome when you are 6.

but a rainbow of fully petticoated dresses do.

I loved the copper pots.

and she countered with a dancing monkey.

Man I have taught this girl well.

The vegetables were interesting and very colorful but she objected
because she didn't want to eat any of them

Finally we neared the end and it was down to the battle of the awesome.

Miss Thing's table of baby Jesus'


Mamma's real live fortune teller with crystal ball and red velvet drapes.

Okay I'll admit it

She has an eye for the uncanny and awesome.

At least I get credit for being her Mom.

The Tree Guy was actually the first booth we saw when we got there
so by the time we saw everything else we stopped to choose our trees
on the way out.

Miss Thing picked a Plum tree

Super Son an Apple

Hero Husband chose a Fig

and I chose the Pear.

After winning the contest of awesome Miss Thing begged
and pleaded for a rose bush or twelve

but understood that I was very likely going to kill it
maybe even before we got it home.

Roses + Mama = Very bad things

and she was content to snack on a corn
during the ride home.

If these trees bear fruit we will definitely be back next year for more.

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