Friday, December 16, 2011


Miss Thing was on the playground with her cousins recently and 
one of them was wearing a jacket handed down from Super Son,
to Miss Thing, to Cousin J and then to Cousin K.

(Thank you Old Navy.  I think I got my moneys worth out of that one)

I sighed (and maybe whined a little) at the sight of the tiny little 
remembered jacket keeping my niece warm while she hopped about.

Miss Thing, hearing my sigh, gently explained to her cousin

"It's okay, it just hurts her heart when we grow up so fast."

I laughed a little at her simple understanding.

Yes sweetheart it does hurt, but don't worry.

It is a welcome hurt.  

One that I wouldn't trade.

One that makes me smile.

One that comes as my heart is stretched,

as it is continually molded and reshaped
and made into something more and more beautiful.  

Something in the shape of you.

For you my children, I'd hurt any day.

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