Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's important to learn your math facts

Hero Husband and I went to Las Vegas

We played lots of games.

Yay for me, I didn't stink at blackjack.

It had nothing to do with the dealer going really slowly and teaching me how to play.

So when we got home and the Wee Ones were getting frustrated with their math homework
I had an A+ parenting idea (see the school connection there)

I would teach my kids how to play blackjack to help them with their math facts!

Our "chips" were edible and sadly at the end of our lesson 
someone was going to have a small snack compared to the others.

Miss Thing apparently got my beginners luck

And once she had won everyone else's snack she was happy to 

By the end they were rattling off their math facts like little goldfish eating calculators.

My lesson was a success!

Now I just have to figure out what kind of math lesson can I use poker to teach.

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