Monday, December 19, 2011

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Hero Husband and I started a tradition.

It was kind of an accident.

For the last fourteen years we have 
ventured forth sometime after Thanksgiving
to choose a Christmas Tree for our home.

Each of those years we have gone to the Christmas Tree Farm just
outside of town and cut down our own.

The first year we went cause it just sounded like fun.

And then we liked it so much we just couldn't help
ourselves, to stop going now would break tradition
and we have been going back ever since.

Super Son and Miss Thing have enjoyed this
tradition each of their Christmases.

Some years the tree was shorter than others
but each year the hunt for the perfect tree has been a family adventure.

And this one was no exception.

We made it out the first day they were open, the day after Thanksgiving, and were
happy to find a tree that is perfectly tall.

Which is my way of saying, Honey grab the 16 foot ladder and 
why don't you change the lightbulbs in the ceiling fan while you are up there.

Which of course meant he brought out the 8 foot ladder
and proceeded to reach and lean while I held my breath.

Super Son and Miss Thing hung ornaments,

Polished the star

and Hero Husband placed it in its rightful spot.

Do you see the leaning?

I think for the topper on our first few Christmas trees we had a bow
or something equally mundane.

That was before I had actual decorations.

This tradition was on purpose.

Growing up I had an ornament for every year.

My Mom wouldn't let me have them 
until Hero Husband and I tied the knot.

And once I got them my tree was born.

This is one of my favorites.

She is missing a wing
and her snowflake is secure courtesy of some super glue.

So when Hero Husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together
I bought us this.

And every year since then we have an ornament

for us

 and for each year he has been in the department.

We have the set of art glass ornaments that my parents gave us 
the year we were married 

and with our Wee Ones we have added to our
decorations the handcrafted treats that our kids bring home from their 
adventures in the world.

But my favorite part is opening the box and going through them all

one by one

and remembering the special story behind each one.

Like the year I was pregnant with Miss Thing and while I would sleep away our
weekend mornings Hero Husband would take Super Son out
for a little treat and let me rest.

Or the year that Miss Thing wore pansy hair-clips nearly every day to keep her 
lovely long hair out of her eyes and we found a fairy
wearing the exact same flower.

Or the year that Super Son "flew" everywhere.
Including off of pieces of furniture I pleaded with him not to climb on 

And the year that he learned to ride his bike and she followed behind on her tricycle

They each have an ornament of their own
for each Christmas and when they grow up and move out I will 
refuse to let them have them for their own trees.

They can use bows too.

Because while I hated it at the time my Mom actually gave me one of
the traditions I am most excited to pass down.

The tradition of their first trees where I give them the ornaments
I have collected for them over their lives.

That is a Christmas where my tree will be very bare,
maybe my Wee Ones will loan me some bows
and you can bring me a glass of wine. 

I will definitely need it.

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  1. We usually get our tree there but the pickings were pretty slim when we managed to get around to it this time. We still bought a small tree, but we pulled the artificial tree (unused for several years) out of the attic. I heard that the drought was pretty rough for the tree farm, so we might be sticking with the artificial tree for the next few years.