Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A new church

Our parish has been building a new church

A few weeks ago they opened the new space for us to tour

And it was truly beautiful.

The light, the craftsmanship, the thought behind every detail.

Even the pews were comfortable.

Walking in for the first time it was truly breathtaking.

In it's physical beauty sure, but for me it was more the realization 
that this is the place where Miss Thing will take her first communion, 
that this is very likely to be the place where Hero Husband and I will watch our 
children make the same pledge before God that we did when we married.

The community that we share in there is generous, warm and familiar 
We may move during our lives, but this parish 
will always be a home to our family.
 And it's new home is a truly magnificent thing.

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