Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rescue Swimmer

In our lovely home town most everything has two names.
Sometimes three.

We have the Colorado River
which is also called Lake Austin,
Town Lake
or Lady Bird Lake.

What it really is. . .


All year long, but especially when it isn't 104 degrees outside.

Which is why Hero Husband had to go jump in the lake.

He was teaching a rescue swimmer class and needed to see if 
his students would in fact be able to see what he needed them to.

And so he left us on the dock throwing things
in the water for him to dive for.  

It was a bit like playing the telephone game.

To the right Daddy!
No My Right.

That's not where it went Miss Thing!
I threw it over there.
Dad, swim that way a little.
Yeah right there!
Dive right there.

After a while Miss Thing went on a nature walk.

She says it's a turkey feather.

More like a turkey vulture.

Where did I leave my hand sanitizer?

Finally he was done and he swam back.

Hey Miss Thing, Your barn door is open!


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