Friday, January 20, 2012

Thirteen Days

It has been 13 days since I last ate in a restaurant.

It has been 13 days since I have eaten anything pre-packaged or containing processed sugar.

For the last 13 days have have consumed 1 gallon of water every day. . .

and no wine.   *gasp* I know.

For the last 13 days I have eaten only lean clean meats and raw fruits and vegetables in appropriate portions.

I thought I would find myself hungry, deprived, frustrated.

Scratch that.

I never thought I would find myself here.   Now.   Doing this and actually sticking with it.

But now that I am, I find myself thinking that I would feel hungry, deprived, frustrated and I remain astonished that I don't.

I won't lie there have been moments where watching my kids eat a beef fajita quesadilla has driven me to the brink.

The smell of Phil's greek pizza was a taunting that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

But as I lay in bed this morning with Hero Husband talking about all the things that I would enjoy eating that I am not





Key Lime Pie

I realized that I have during the last 2 weeks become a bit of a food snob.  

All of those things sound like a nice treat, but only if they are just that, a treat, and made really really well.  

My key lime pie sounds good and so does Conan's pizza.  My Dad's amazing steak and the hamburger from the Counter Cafe. . . and all of those foods are some of my all time favorite foods.  

My body just feels so good right now.  

So adequately fueled to do what I ask of it, so clean, that I wouldn't want to change that feeling for something as mediocre and passing as Chick-fil-A or Taco Bell (although I still love their mild sauce). 

In another 17 days I will have met my goal and then I will re-introduce those favorites that are worthy of my newly refined taste buds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and All that Jazz

It was a very Merry Christmas for our little family.

We went to the Capitol sing-a-long, made gingerbread cookies,
lit the menorah and the advent candles and generally reveled in the 
cinnamon scented egg nog overload that is late December.

I was having so much fun I ignored you.

Being painted with hot pink barbie lip stick will do that to you.

I'd tell you I'm sorry, but I'm not cause it was totally worth it.

But now the new year is underway and I'm back.

And so because it's Tuesday and I'm watching Super Son
practice falling down over and over again,

because I wore my Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats as shoes today
because I couldn't bear the idea of heels,

and because I really want to steal the quesadilla my kids
are having for dinner and it's making me punchy

I will share with you the evolution of
Super Son's crazy face.

Hero Husband had to work on Christmas Eve which in the
world of fire fighting means he got off work on Christmas Day.
My progeny were forced to wake up on Christmas Day
and wait to open their presents.

Oh the horror.

They ravaged their stockings, taking a bit of the edge off,
enjoyed some breakfast and were incredibly patient as they watched 
the clock for their father's return.

When he came through the door it was to a flurry of 
"We missed you" 
"Santa Came and drank the vitamin water I left him!"

Being the kind an wonderful daddy that he is, he didn't 
make them wait and the wrapping paper was flying in no time.

They seemed rather composed and were having a good time
until the emotions of the day finally got the better of Super Son and 
the earlier waiting began to show through.

"What did you get Super Son?"

"An Electric Toothbrush"

"Wow! That's a nice one! Betcha' can't wait to use that."


"Okay then...
Why don't we pretend you don't look a little manic right now 
and you go ahead and open the next package."

"Okay Mom!"

Hope all of your holidays were happy and bright.

Looking forward to a wonderful New Year with you.