Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In a few hours my first born,
my son
will turn 10.

Three thousand six hundred fifty one days of his beautiful brown eyes shining up at me

Eighty seven thousand hours of the most euphoric blend of fear and exhilaration

More than five million minutes of life that have made it nearly impossible to remember what it was like before him.

Ten years ago Valentine's Day ceased being a holiday that was recognized as anything but the anniversary of the last day it was just me and Hero Husband.

That day we saw my doctor and tried to convince her that "this baby is coming today!"

"No" she assured us "Not today"

And so we rented a movie and ended up timing contractions instead of watching it.

We ate subway, well Hero Husband did as I quickly realized that this whole labor thing didn't really make me feel all that hungry.  
Somewhere around midnight we talked as we drove to the hospital.

And somehow the time since then has both condensed and evaporated.  My heart still sees  the fragile downy headed, bow lipped baby gummily grinning at me and at the same time the smart and snarky boy who takes his toolbox in the yard to build something and is thankfully not too grown up to still crave my hugs.

I know I have blinked a few times between then

and now

I just don't remember when.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Welcome to the double digits.

Happy Valentine's Day

From my little weirdos to yours

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