Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sold to bidder 124

 Once upon a time there was a wall.

It was a big wall.  Strong and tall, but wicked and incredibly 
annoying to the queen who had to look at it every day 
and lament the wall and its innate ability to 
dwarf every piece of art she could hang on it.

Along came the fair duchess of South Dallas
(sorry Jana it's my story so I get to be the queen)
proclaiming news of an auction.
An auction she guaranteed to be the source of the art 
that would prove to be more powerful that the wicked wall.

And so the queen browsed the parchment
provided by the auction company until she found the piece
that would be worth traveling to another kingdom for...

The queen knew that it would not hang on the wall, but she could not
be deterred...It was after all an early 19th century bathtub and the hope
was that there would be some other piece that would prove the duchess right.

And there was much to behold




The queen quickly found her favorite.

Appropriately huge

and purple.

A set of carved doors from India that in all of their enormity 
just might prove to be the force that would prevail over the wicked wall

and did I tell you that they were purple!

The bidding was frenzied and the queen was nearing
the end of her royal budget when the auctioneer declared her 
the winner.

There was much rejoicing

even after the queen realized that she didn't remember what she had
just agreed to pay for the fabulous purple doors.

Then the lovely princess danced
as the prince detailed for her how to cast a bronze sculpture
and what exactly he would make if the queen would
just get busy and build him a forge in the castle.

The duchess of South Dallas found a piece that made her very happy.

And everything was loaded up for the return to the kingdom
including the chofah from a Buddhist wat in Thailand, 

but that's a story for another day.

The doors were the perfect size to tame the wicked wall who was never heard from again.
And they all lived Happily Ever After.

With giant purple doors forever.

The End.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Super Son worked hard to learn all the curriculum,
complete his community service project
and earn his home and school achievement stripes.

After what seemed like forever he was ready
and thrilled to be invited to test for his yellow belt.

Kicking series

and balance

all with an audience.

After he was done with his test he watched the other 
students take their belt tests.

Which included board breaking.

It has taken a significant amount of convincing Super Son that 
he needs to let Sabumnim Espy teach him how to do it correctly
before he starts trying to break boards on his own.

I am not sure he has been convinced. 

But he has a yellow belt now and that is one step closer.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Earlier this year I spent some time losing a small person.

You'll be pleased to know that both of my Wee Ones are safe and sound.  

I lost 30 pounds, which I am tremendously proud of, but still manages to pale in comparison when you see what my brother-in-law Miguel has managed to achieve.

Which is why I am starting an online petition to get him to relocate closer to me.

My motives aren't entirely selfish.

Super Son and Miss Thing adore him and would get to see him more regularly.

Oh and Eli could keep his dogs company.

But really, it's because I'm selfish.

I love him dearly and have tremendous respect for him. 

I have also seen what amazing results
he has produced in himself and demands achieves with his clients.

Come on Miguel...It's my turn!

And frankly I'd like to have a good enough reason to 
ask Jay Fuertez to work his photographic magic mojo on me.

How's that for a mid-year resolution?

Convince Miguel and Jay to move to Austin!

Okay, may be I just need to move to Dallas for a while.

Apparently it's where the cool people are anyway.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wuv, Twue Wuv

My cousin married the love of his life.

It was a deliriously beautiful day imbued with 
a thousand personal touches,

joy so thick you could feel it on your skin,

and so much love.

Wuv I tell you, Twue Wuv

These two just make my heart sing.

Oh and Josh sings too.

And their photographer Joy Moody.

She rocks
Oh boy do I have a crush on her.

It's hard not to crush on the person who gave me this of my sweet girl.

Monday, May 07, 2012

A cacheing we will go

A while back my cousin married the love of his life.

All of our family came out to celebrate.

Including my Aunt Trinket and her daughters, my cousins, Lyne & Mary.

Mary spent the summer with us more than 20 years ago.

We ate more than a few corn dogs that summer.  And went swimming a lot.

Mary reminded me that my parents wouldn't let us watch TV that summer.

For the record my Mother denies such a thing ever happened.

I'm thinking Mary may be right about this one.

The next summer I watched The Little Mermaid on VHS 4,278 times. 
Sorry Mary they caved right after you left.

We were sitting around talking and Trinket got to chatting with
Super Son about this great new thing.

It's treasure hunting, hiking and adventure all in one.

And then she took him and Miss Thing into the woods and schooled them 
in all the fun that can be had going geocacheing.

I think I still have the mosquito bites to prove it.

On a related note, she has now reached superhero status with him.

So the rules are pretty simple.

Look up a cache you want to find.

Find the cache.

Apply more bug spray.


There are some subtle nuances to it.

Ideally you don't let muggles (people who don't geocache) know what you are doing.

When you find a cache you write your name in the log.

If you find a cache with goodies you can take one, as long as you 

leave one behind for the next person to find the cache.

Some caches are large, others are smaller than a thumb drive.

The Wee Ones prefer the larger caches where they can exchange goodies.

Did I mention that Super Son thinks that this is the best thing ever.

Miss Thing, while not quite as enthusiastic, enjoys it.  

Provided I remember the bug spray and she is wearing pants.

Now get out there people and have an adventure!