Monday, May 07, 2012

A cacheing we will go

A while back my cousin married the love of his life.

All of our family came out to celebrate.

Including my Aunt Trinket and her daughters, my cousins, Lyne & Mary.

Mary spent the summer with us more than 20 years ago.

We ate more than a few corn dogs that summer.  And went swimming a lot.

Mary reminded me that my parents wouldn't let us watch TV that summer.

For the record my Mother denies such a thing ever happened.

I'm thinking Mary may be right about this one.

The next summer I watched The Little Mermaid on VHS 4,278 times. 
Sorry Mary they caved right after you left.

We were sitting around talking and Trinket got to chatting with
Super Son about this great new thing.

It's treasure hunting, hiking and adventure all in one.

And then she took him and Miss Thing into the woods and schooled them 
in all the fun that can be had going geocacheing.

I think I still have the mosquito bites to prove it.

On a related note, she has now reached superhero status with him.

So the rules are pretty simple.

Look up a cache you want to find.

Find the cache.

Apply more bug spray.


There are some subtle nuances to it.

Ideally you don't let muggles (people who don't geocache) know what you are doing.

When you find a cache you write your name in the log.

If you find a cache with goodies you can take one, as long as you 

leave one behind for the next person to find the cache.

Some caches are large, others are smaller than a thumb drive.

The Wee Ones prefer the larger caches where they can exchange goodies.

Did I mention that Super Son thinks that this is the best thing ever.

Miss Thing, while not quite as enthusiastic, enjoys it.  

Provided I remember the bug spray and she is wearing pants.

Now get out there people and have an adventure!

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