Monday, May 28, 2012


Earlier this year I spent some time losing a small person.

You'll be pleased to know that both of my Wee Ones are safe and sound.  

I lost 30 pounds, which I am tremendously proud of, but still manages to pale in comparison when you see what my brother-in-law Miguel has managed to achieve.

Which is why I am starting an online petition to get him to relocate closer to me.

My motives aren't entirely selfish.

Super Son and Miss Thing adore him and would get to see him more regularly.

Oh and Eli could keep his dogs company.

But really, it's because I'm selfish.

I love him dearly and have tremendous respect for him. 

I have also seen what amazing results
he has produced in himself and demands achieves with his clients.

Come on Miguel...It's my turn!

And frankly I'd like to have a good enough reason to 
ask Jay Fuertez to work his photographic magic mojo on me.

How's that for a mid-year resolution?

Convince Miguel and Jay to move to Austin!

Okay, may be I just need to move to Dallas for a while.

Apparently it's where the cool people are anyway.

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