Monday, June 04, 2012

Goonies Never Say Die!

I grew up watching The Goonies

The Princess Bride


and The Little Mermaid...4,278 times.


My favorite movie theatre, The Alamo Drafthouse
tweeted about a Goonies quote along event.

Super Son had been asking for a date night with me, cause he loves me and stuff.

So I figured I'd buy tickets and take him.

This had nothing at all to do with my crazy love of my childhood movies 
and that I would have gone even if no one else was interested.  

It was completely selfless of me.

Taking one for the team.

The greater good.  


I told him all about the storyline and pulled up the trailer on youtube for him to watch.  

He was most excited about Gadget.

Then I told him about the games that they play at the
drafthouse with every quote-along.

Specifically for our movie...a Truffle Shuffle competition.

I will summarize for you.

The movie was excellent, albeit with more cursing 
than I remember, and my kid is awesome.

I have the distinct pleasure and honor of being the 
mother of the awesome kid who took on two adults
in the Truffle Shuffle onstage at the Alamo.  
He pretended to take a shot of whiskey with the grownups and 
enjoyed the milkshake he won for his impressive performance.

Super Son, you rock!

I am so glad you liked the movie and I loved sharing this with you.


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