Friday, June 01, 2012

When in Dallas

A few weeks ago Hero Husband and I 
celebrated 13 years of wedded bliss.

The traditional gift for the thirteenth anniversary is lace
and so we took the kids to Dallas to spend the weekend 
with Uncle Michael who took us to Medieval Times.

The princess in the castle wore lace.  I think.

That counts right?

We started out our evening visiting with the Falconer

It didn't take long for Hero Husband to morph into Pun Man.

"Would you like to purchase a bottle of wine to accompany your dinner?"

"Sure" he says handing her the credit card "Wow, that's your credit card
machine.  Thats positively medieval!"

Super Son couldn't pass up the opportunity to fight a dragon. 

Note the determination on display in his tightly clenched left fist.

He was seriously hoping that a dragon was going to pop out of the curtains.

After picking up our pictures the next stop was the dining room

"Look honey, even in medieval times China was busy making everything for everyone!" 

Oh! And a bonus for the night . . . I have now discovered where 
every man with long hair in Dallas works.

I'm sure that there are only so many romance
cover model positions available

and seriously those jobs don't let you ride
horses, joust or fight with swords.

Downside is that instead of real chain mail to protect you in battle

they give you sparkly spandex.

Miss Thing actually got a little nervous at one point 
that the someone was going to get hurt . . . they do after all enact being 
sliced and diced at the end of each sword fight.

It was then that I had to tell her that this was just like
professional wrestling and not to worry.

She didn't get the reference.

Then I told her it was just like her dance recital.
Everything is planned out and everyone knows what to do and when
to keep from getting hurt too badly.  And the jousting
poles are made of a soft wood that is meant to break easily.

She was really excited to tell Super Son what she had learned.

He refused to listen.  He was too busy figuring out which weapon
he would use if it were him out there, and how exactly to make his
sword at home spark like theirs did when he hits things.

Finally the evil (yes he was evil according to Miss Thing
because the music they played each time he arrived was "spooky")
prince from the neighboring kingdom was captured and the 
knights saved the day.

And we were stuffed for 3 days and had to be rolled out of the arena.

It was a very happy anniversary.

Thank you Miguel for a wonderful night!

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