Friday, July 13, 2012

Betsy Ninja O'Shaughnessy

I have driven trucks of one variety or another for a few years now.

Suburbans . . .  Tahoes.

Give me room . . .  lots of room.

I am a 30 something mother of two, hear me roar

I loved my trucks.

Even when the fuel was costing me $350 every month

Even when I was in them by myself most of the time.

I could see above all the cars in traffic

I could carry 7 people anytime I wanted

I could make ridiculous purchases at Costco on a whim and still manage to get them home

And then my Tahoe started having very vague and undiagnosable "electrical" problems

and I started listening to myself and frankly got a little bit grossed out.

And so I started shopping around for a new vehicle.

My criteria were pretty simple

1.  Must connect to my iPod without adaptors sticking out of every auxiliary jack in the car

2.  Must have a backup camera (trust me this is best for everyone)

3.  Must have heated seats

4.  Must have better gas mileage than what I was currently getting (which wouldn't be hard at the 9-11mpg I was getting *gasp*)

5.  Must not be a minvan or otherwise "everybody has one and so must I" kind of vehicle

6.  Must have a good safety rating (you see how this relates to the iPod connection and you can make of it what you will.  I prefer to see it as a healthy trust in the NHTSA regulations)

Hero Husband kept giving me funny looks as I eliminated one vehicle after another (I remain convinced he was impressed with the quality of my list) until I there was only one left standing.

Meet Betsy Ninja O'Shaughnessy

My Chevy Volt

Isn't she lovely?

Miss Thing chose her first name "because Betsy is cute"
Super Son chose Ninja because "she is quiet and stealthy, like a ninja"
and I chose O'Shaughnessy because I like to be difficult and I figured I have at least a year before anyone else but me can spell it.

We (I use the "we" loosely cause really Betsy is doing all the work) are averaging 167 miles per gallon.  This includes several trips to South Dallas during which I exhaust my battery life and have to use gasoline.  Before those trips the average was 350 miles per gallon.

In the 4 months I have been zipping around town in my sassy little Betsy I have used a paltry 33 gallons of gasoline.  That would have barely lasted me a week in my truck.

It has easily been a month since I put fuel in Betsy, but even when I do it ends up looking something like this.

And charging the battery in the garage at home has ended up adding $15 to our electricity bill each month.  

There have been some adjustments.

I only have four seats and can't drive carpool.  Which is a tragedy.  Seriously.

I can't impulse shop at Costco anymore.  And if by chance my eyes are ever bigger than my trunk my family has outright refused to ride with flats of black beans, sunscreen and chicken breasts on their laps.  Apparently once was enough.  

There is no backseat DVD player for long drives.  Alas my poor deprived children must entertain themselves.

But the best hardest part was when I had to reorganize my closet to come up with extra room for the shoes and dresses I brought home with the $1200 I didn't have to spend on fuel.  I still get verklempt just thinking about it.

Hero Husband once told me about the love he felt for his Dad's 1968 Camaro (baby blue with white stripes and side exhaust).  I think I may actually know what he is talking about now.  

Miss O'Shaughnessy, I think I'm in love with you!

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