Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Formula 1

You may have heard that a Formula 1 race track is being built in Austin.

I say you may have heard because frankly I hadn't.
Probably has something to do with me not watching the news or reading the paper.

I hadn't heard much until I was given the chance to drive on 
the race course before it opens to the public . . . 

of course we drove the course on a bus, 

but Hero Husband wasn't complaining.  

It ended up being just as much a tour of the track as an education on Formula 1

Until this day my total knowledge of car racing (of any sort) was limited to 
what Mater, Doc and Lightning McQueen had to say.

For the record, Formula 1 is different.

Starting with the cars don't actually talk.

Which would have been really cool.

There are the grandstands, where regular people sit,

and the owner suites that keep them separate from all the rifraf.

The track runs right between the two.

Underneath the owner suites are the garages for the race cars themselves.

My favorite part was learning about the intensely technical elements of the asphalt.

Yeah weird I know.

Tickets are pricey for the racing events, but we are looking forward
to hopefully catching a show out there at some point.

Then again Hero Husband hopes to take his car out there to play on the track . . .
I'll have to get to work on that one honey.

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