Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to Charleston

After the crazy awesomeness that was our last summer vacation it was hard 
to work up the proper motivation to plan something for this year.

After much hemming and hawing we finally decided that this was the year to try a cruise.

Of course just weeks after this decision Miss Thing began to complain 
of motion sickness on virtually every car trip. . . anywhere.

But I digress.

The decision had been made to cruise.

Every cruise we researched was too long 
(I am willing to risk 5 days of a motion sick First Grader but not 7),
or made ports of call in places we had already been (Mexico, Mexico, Mexico)

which is how we found ourselves looking into Charleston.

My Aunt Trinket who you may remember from our adventures in geocaching lives 
just outside of Charleston and had been reminding me, lovingly of course, to come and visit.
That plus the Carnival Cruise that leaves from Charleston ports in the Bahamas, where we have never been, was only 5 days long.

Oh and the boat happened to still have one set of adjacent rooms with an interior 
door between them which has been a must have for us on family vacations for a while now.

We booked it.

And then Super Son proceeded to terrify us all with a daily recounting of the size and
capacity of the Titanic, how it compared to the Carnival Fantasy 
and why he was sure we were doomed to die at sea.

Which is exactly what I heard when asked something innocent like 
"Hey Mom wasn't the Titanic a cruise ship?"

Vacation here we come!

When you are 6 years old and wake up at 5 am anticipating a plane trip this
is what you look like at 1:30 when you get off the plane.

Which, depending on the length of the drive from the airport *cough* we got lost *cough*,
 refreshes you just enough to beg Trinket to teach you how to play Skylanders

before heading out for a nice afternoon stroll to the lake.  

Charleston is very green.

I feel quite certain that this has something to do with the amount of rain they get.

Specifically the amount of rain they get when I am walking down the street with my very nice camera  to a lake to take pictures. . . without an umbrella.  Lets just say it rained enough that hiding my camera inside my shirt was quickly abandoned for begging the closest neighbor for a big ziploc baggie.

I may have been a little punchy at this point and tried to explain to the nice man that I was from Texas and it doesn't rain in Texas during the month of August.

He ran away took pity on me and gave me the ziploc and my camera lived to be dropped on the kitchen floor two days later, but that is another story for another day.

After surviving the torrential downpour, that of course ceased as soon as we got back to the house, Trinket took pity on her waterlogged house guests and fed us ice-cream with peaches. 

And then because we were in Charleston I fed my Wee Ones each a Charleston Chew

which were deemed tasty.

Welcome to Charleston.

The End

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