Monday, October 08, 2012


Our days in Charleston were wonderful, but even the 
most idyllic things must end at some point.

Yay for us that our next stop was the Port of Charleston
for a cruise to the Bahamas.

We boarded, found our rooms, had some lunch 
and then headed out to the deck to watch as we left the port.

Super Son quickly noticed the Coast Guard boats that were...
well they were guarding the coast.  
At least the small section of it that we were occupying

and while that was exciting this sent us back to the rooms to 
see if our bags had arrived and start with the unpacking.

They hadn't arrived yet and so while my children did this

I amused myself by watching where we were and texting it to friends
and family that by the time our cell phone signals died were really
glad I hadn't paid for the at sea service.

I found myself grateful that the bottle of wine you are 
allowed to bring on board is a carry on item because
when the rain started we were able to do this.

Yay to Hero Husband for remembering to carry on a cork pull.

You may be wondering why there is a flask ready to be filled 
next to our bottle of chardonnay.  I'll just tell you that that bottle of chardonnay
 tasted a whole lot like Malibu Rum and leave it at that.

The Wee Ones were impressed by the size of the ship.

It's like the hallways never end.

And you could climb the stairs forever

After a night at sea I was a little surprised to wake up 
in the middle of the ocean to find rain and traffic.

Thankfully both cleared pretty quickly and we were off.

Miniature Golf was a big hit

and then the Disney cruise pulled into Nassau next to us.

We suddenly felt very very tiny

and the kids kept stopping the game to watch Wal-E on the giant outdoor screen 
of their boat and ask why our boat didn't have a toob chute water slide and 
sing When You Wish Upon A Star with it's horn.

All very good questions, but hey, the Disney boat didn't have
Sibi the magician hereafter known as Miss Thing's new best friend.

Every time he showed up this is what she did.

A few magic tricks and she was smitten.

And then he taught her how to do her own card trick
and gave her cards to take home and practice. 

Seriously people it's hard to compete with that.

There was much rejoicing that the days were clear and sunny
even when the nights were not.

because clear and sunny means water slides
and slip-n-slide play area

and hanging out with new friends.

And when it does rain at night on a cruise ship there is plenty to see

Even if it makes you think you are on another boat...

one that maybe you wouldn't want to be on if you knew what happened to it.

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