Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hero Husband ate a sea creature

After we finished out our sail on the Alexander Von Humboldt
we started the walk back to our ship
when Hero Husband saw a sign that said "Conchalicious"
and couldn't pass up a chance to try conch ceviche.

Peppers, onions, lime

yeah yeah yeah

I want to know what a conch is, and I don't mean the shell
because presumably he isn't going to be eating conch shell.

So they showed me.

People, it's a sea snail.

Now I am feeling bad for the little guy.

He's just a snail hanging out in his pretty shell not bothering anyone
when this guy shows up with a hammer and

after chipping a few holes into the shell, cuts him out.

Then chops him up with some lime, tomato, onions and peppers and serves him up for lunch.

Well apparently that is how you make conch ceviche.

And no I did not eat any.

By this point in my head I had named the poor snail Fred and just couldn't do it.

The End.

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