Monday, October 01, 2012

Military Day

If you know my son at all you know a few things

he gives amazing, organ crushing hugs,

he loves to talk and holds random (and sometimes bizarre) facts in his little head that he will whip out during completely unrelated conversation

and he is a bit of a nut for anything related to military service.

During our trip to Charleston he was really excited knowing that there was a Submarine, Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer and Vietnam Support Base all at the Patriots Point.
Add to that an Air Force Base an he was thrilled with our agenda for Military Day.

First was the Air Force Base

Miss Thing thought she could get this one going

After seeing the planes we stopped at the commissary where I was pleased
to see that expectant mothers get priority parking over the wing commander.

As it should be.

Then we headed to the Yorktown.

Our first stop was the mess hall on the ship where we ate some lunch, which was quite tasty,

and we were off to explore.

Did you know that on an air craft carrier there are a lot of doors?  Or are they bulkheads?

Did you know that when you take a 1st and 5th grader through an air craft carrier
they will try to open ever door, spin every wheel and move every lever?

They will.

When the Yorktown was in service it carried more than 3,000 servicemen.

I get the feeling that this bathroom wasn't big enough.

I am amazed that these young men kept all of their possessions in these tiny lockers
(against the far wall) and slept in these little cots stacked three high.

The obsessive in me really wants to know who Rudy is...

did he have a happy life?

Everyone rolled their eyes at me.

And on to the galley.

This was the awesomest butcher block I have ever seen.

And my absolute favorite is

the recipe for 10,000 chocolate chip cookies.

500 eggs and 112 pounds of chocolate

I could totally do that.

With a bigger kitchen.

Then we made our way up to the deck.

Super Son was fascinated with the cable launching system.

Personally I'm happy to sit on the deck while someone else gets launched into the air.

After leaving the Yorktown we wandered over to the USS Clamagore.

I've never been on a submarine before.

I didn't really want to go, but hey, taking one for the team.

Submarines are more fun I think for kids.

Having a smaller body must keep them from feeling so 
"eek you are under water and the walls are closing in on you" small.

Super Son loved going through the doors the submariner way.

The bunks that they had to sleep on were tiny.

Someone didn't want to be lay down so I could show you,

but he was happy to try and get us out of port.

Once I was finally freed from the bowels of the submarine we were done we
moved on to the Vietnam Support Base.  

Which was an awesome exhibit that elicited only a few Adrian Cronauer based outbursts from me.

All in all military day was a resounding success.

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