Thursday, March 07, 2013

I blog chronologically.

It may have been a few months , but when I picked up my proverbial pen this morning the next thing in line was to finish the last post I started and tell you all about how back in August I managed to go all the way to the Bahamas without stepping foot on a beach and I stopped.

I stopped because really is that what I have to say to you?

Is that really where my heart is today?

It's not.  My heart is a thousand miles away and there is just so much more.

More life, more depth, just more.

In a few hours 10 women that I love dearly will sit together in a church and praise God for the life of one of our husbands.  We will lift one another up, we will weep and grieve and we will hold the line for our friend in her sorrow.  We will be without words and our throats will constrict with the heartbreak.

Kristin said it best when she said that real loss stems from real love.

Jena and Ross have a real and abiding love.

One that has been woven into the lives of their children and to all of us who were made better by being witness to it.

Please pray for my friend.